30.03.2021 – Hekayat. Symphonic Tales by Ihab Darwish, Abu Dhabi Festival

30.03.2021 – Hekayat. Symphonic Tales by Ihab Darwish, Abu Dhabi Festival

As part of Abu Dhabi Festival’s exciting year- long hybrid virtual programme, we invite  to  world premiere of Hekayat: Symphonic Tales, by Emirati composer Ihab Darwish. The performance traverses the globe in 13 compositions played by 128 musicians in 20 countries, capturing the musical traditions and cultures of every continent. Hekayat, which means tales in English, makes history as the first performance of its kind by an Emirati artist. In a marvel of technological sophistication, the performers, recorded separately in their countries, will appear together as one orchestra on the stage of Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Auditorium.

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Additional Info

online to watch on https://abudhabifestival.ae/hekayat-symphonic-tales/the-performance
Tuesday, 30 March 2021
6.00 PM

Hekayat. Symphonic Tales music of Emirati composer Ihab Darwish (world premiere)


Ihab Darwish (UAE) – piano
Sara Andon (USA) – flute
STEVEN LIN (USA) – piano
Kinan Azmeh (Syria / USA) – clarinet
Krassie Dzhambazov (Bulgaria) – violon
Erica Picotti (Italy) – cello
Tona Zardon (Cuba)– trumpet
Carlos Pinana (Spain) – flamenco Guitar
John Beasley (USA) – piano
James Genus (USA) – double bass
Gregoire Maret (USA) harmonica
Terreon Gully (USA) – percussion
Layth Aldaene (Iraq) – oud
Ibrahim Fathi (Egypt) – kawala, Ney
Basam Sheiha (Egypt) – qanun
Arsen Petrosyan (Armenia) – duduk
Aslam Safla (Reunion) – baronite
Diana Pandova (Bulgaria) – harp
Alex Nushev (Bulgaria) bass guitar
Stoyan Stoyanov (Bulgaria) – accordion

Iva Georgieva (Bulgaria) – vocal
José Cura (Argentina) – tenor
Edyta Krzemień (Poland) – soprano
Dharni (Singapore) – rap/beat box
Arqam (UAE) – vocal

Kodo (Japan) – Taiko Drums
VOX Chamber Choir (South Africa)
Emirati Choir
Emirati Percussionists

Tomasz Tokarczyk – conductor

Beethoven Academy Orchestra


Commissioned and produced by Abu Dhabi Festival